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98                                    ILIPE   OF
important in its plan, and intended to extend to ton
volumes in four divisions., called "Examen critique do
rHistoire cle la Geographie <lii Noxweau Continent et
des progres de TAstronoinle nautique, aux XV et
XVI siecles/^ with an " analyse raisoniie" treating -of
the materials employed, was not translated into Ger-
man until the year 1836, by Idoler.
As regards the time when Humboldt published the
different portions of his American travel library; Ms
essay on Botanical Geography appeared in 1805, art
the time when he was visiting his brother in Italy ;
his Ideas on a Geography of Plants, and a Picture of
the Natural Productions of tlio Tropics, appeared in
1807, when he was living in Berlin., at the same time
that his Tableau of the Equinoctial Hegioun was pub-
lished ; Ms work on Equinoctial Plants was commenced
in 1808, and continued to the year 1816 ; while lion-
pland's "Monographic des Melasthomes"*" wa« com-
menced in 1809, and completed iix 1816, In the
year 1810 the first volume of the political essay on,
the kingdom of New Spain was pxxTolished,, at which
Humboldt worked till 1815 ; in 1811 he published
Ms Views of the Cordilleras; in 1815—1831 MB
" Hanptreisewark," with the large at/las. Hits pam-
phlet on the isothermic lines (the lines which connect
all places of the earth of equal moan temperature)
was already published in 1817 ; in the same year
appeared his "Introduction to Botanical Goopfrapliy;"
•and at tlxe same time he submitted to the Academy
of Sciences in Paris his " Chart of the Orinooco, and
its junction with the Amazon by means of the rivcrn
Oossiquiare and Bio Negro/' Professor Kunth super-
intended the publication of the " Famille tlcB Mimosa-
eeous Plantes" in 1819 ; of the "Revision cles Herbos"
in 1820; of the great "Synopsis of Botany" from,
1822 to 1825 ; and Huroboldt*s political            om
Cuba was printed in 1826. BoBidos these wo As,
Humboldt contributed to a number of journals, and
wrote academical essays which cannot yet be enume-
rated collectively.